Music Archive - January 2017

Skyfall (medley) by The Indian Jam Project

The Thin Red Line - God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi by Hans Zimmer

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space by Spiritualized

The Legend of Zelda (cover) by Tina Guo

La La Land (medley)

La La Land - Epilogue by Justin Hurwitz

La La Land - City of Stars (Duet ft. Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone) by Justin Hurwitz

La La Land - Mia & Sebastian’s Theme by Justin Hurwitz

About a Boy - I Love NYE by Badly Drawn Boy

Bye and Stuff - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World by Nigel Godrich

Les Revenants - Hungry Face by Mogwai

Sorcerer - Betrayal by Tangerine Dream

Gone Girl - Technically, Missing by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

The Knick - Son of Placenta Previa by Cliff Martinez

Moments - Closer by Nuages

Where the Wild Things Are - Igloo by Karen O And The Kids

Lone Survivor - Waking Up by Explosions In The Sky & Steve Jablonsky

Superfly - Superfly by Curtis Mayfield

Superfly - Think by Curtis Mayfield

The Virgin Suicides - Highschool Lover by AIR