It's been six months!
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Yes. That’s how long it’s been since last I wrote. Not that I wasn’t interested or anything, I had a lot of work! My final year project and my internship at PayPal, eBayInc. It wasn’t easy. Going to work in the morning and coming back to work on the college project. Phew! My college project’s done and its my last week of internship now, ending on June 6th. And the best part - I’m back to working on things I’ve missed since the past 6-7 months!

So here’s my checklist -

  1. Working back on Boost.uBLAS. It was a really exciting project for me, during GSoC and learnt a lot. My GSoC mentors have been amazing and talking to them again brings me back to the game! There’s a pretty neat checklist we have and it’s really interesting!
  2. It’s pretty disappointing for me that I couldn’t work on 0 A.D. as much. The game has changed my perceptions of coding in a significant way. I plan to get back on this soon, though not yet.
  3. PES OpenSource has had a special place in my heart since it started back in 2011 and working with the community to help other students and peers with what I know and getting them to work on open source projects will be something that I’ll be spending my time on surely.
  4. I’m also finally stepping into the other dimension of my world - Music. I have pretty good setup of FL Studio and VSTs and have been learning from Music Theory. Let’s see what I’m capable of by the end of the year.

There are others that I’ll be spending time on but cannot discuss publicly either because it’s still “hush hush” or not yet begun. Keep an eye on this feed, it’s gonna be very active from now!