Hollywood in 2014 (for me)
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2013 is almost closing and its time to take a peek at films of 2014. This list though, is my preference. You can check the entire list in wikipedia. Here, I’ve linked the films to a trailer and a rating of my expectations (arranged by rating and alphabetically).

I’m interested in

The Hobbit: There and Back Again ★★★★½ Interstellar ★★★★½ Godzilla ★★★★ How to Train Your Dragon 2 ★★★★ The LEGO Movie ★★★★ The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ★★★½ Dumb and Dumber To ★★★½ Night at the Museum 3 ★★★½ Non-Stop ★★★½ Rio 2 ★★★½ Pompeii ★★★

I can be interested in

300: Rise of An Empire ★★★½ Captain America: The Winter Soldier ★★★½ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ★★★½ Transformers: Age of Extinction ★★★½ Gaurdians of the Galaxy ★★★ Heaven is for Real ★★★ The Judge ★★★ RoboCop ★★★ X-Men: Days of Future Past ★★½ Hercules: The Legend Begins ★★

I’m not interested in

Need For Speed ★★★ Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit ★★½ I, Frankenstein ★★ Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones ★½